Girls Entrepreneurship and Technology Program (GET) is designed to empower and encourage entrepreneurship and technology among young girls and young women in secondary school to university level and tertiary institutions in Liberia as a way of promoting innovation and fighting extreme poverty in our communities.

Every year we will sponsor our group of fellows while they start and grow successful businesses that add value to their communities and Liberia at large. Our young women will take advantage of online learning, local experts and the myriad of opportunities available to impact Liberia’s future.

This is an incredible opportunity for young women to challenge stereotypes, break barriers and make a real difference in the lives of people their communities. Their boldness and courage will make an impact on a generation of young women in Liberia. Are you ready to make a difference? Please apply, spread the word and get involved.

Marvin R.Tarawally

How can you help?

G.E.T’s mission is to break barriers and stereotypes that hold young women from pursuing their ideas and passions.
Please spread a word about our work and donate if you can.

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